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CR 925 Independence Day

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Price: Starting at $6.10
Manufacturer: Duncan
Part No: CR 925

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4 oz. or Pint:

Duncan CR 925 Independence Day

Select 4 ounce or Pint size.. Safe for use on food containers when properly applied and fired to shelf cone 06. To create custom looks, apply Crystals in combination with other glazes and other colors. Some crystals work well to mid-fire cone 5-6. For Mid-Fire application, we recommend firing a test piece with crystals on it because high fire clays vary, and glaze may run.

How to use Duncan Crystals™ Glazes

1. Stir glaze without disturbing crystals. 
2. Apply 2 coats to shelf cone 04 bisque. 
3. Mix in Crystals for 3rd coat. 
4. Apply crystals sparsely near bottom of the piece to keep crystals from flowing onto kiln shelf. 
5. Stilt if necessary and fire to cone 06. 
6. Clean up with water. 

7. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.

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