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GR Pottery Form Foot Maker

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Price: $4.95
Manufacturer: GR Pottery Forms
Part No: GR-FM

Tool for Foot making - GR Pottery Forms

The Foot Maker from GR Pottery allows you to cut an angled strip of clay from your waste slab after draping over a mold to use as feet. Simple. Quick. Efficient.

GR Pottery Forms are 3/4" thick drape molds ideal for making dinnerware and serving platters.  They are cut and beveled fiberboard which make them durable and economical.  Easy to use over and over again giving you a tool to create your personalized shallow objects.  The creator Jeff Rottman has used them for 10 years to create his production line and now we are offering them to you.

Remember they are a wood product. They will not last as long if they are left in a wet condition for over a 24 hour period. Do not soak or leave wet or in water. Dry between use. The timing of making them and removing the pieces from the slab is very similar to plaster. No release agent, cleaning or sealing necessary. 

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