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Glaze Eraser

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Part No: GlazeEraser

Smooth Foot Rings and Rough Glaze Edges

GlazeEraser® is a unique, slow speed grinding tool designed to work with your potters wheel to quickly remove glaze drips and other unwanted kiln debris from pot bottoms. Ideal for quickly smoothing foot rings and rough glaze edges.

Extremely Durable

GlazeEraser® is an extremely durable tool that will provide years of service. Simply place the GlazeEraser® rubber pad and 14” diameter grinding disc directly onto your wheel head and you’re ready to go!

Designed to be used with or without bat pins, there is no special safety protection required. You control the speed and pressure.  Experimentation and practice will yield the best results! Ideal for classroom use!

Glazse Eraser in use

GlazeEraser Tips and Useful Information

  • GlazeEraser® is the smart way to safely remove glaze drips and unwanted kiln debris from pot bottoms. Ground surfaces are smooth to the touch with no discoloration or grinding marks.
  • GlazeEraser does not require purchase of any auxiliary tooling or equipment. You already have all the equipment you need – your potter’s wheel!
  • GlazeEraser is easy and safe to use. Simply place the rubber pad on your wheel head, then center the GlazeEraser disk on the durable foam pad. The GlazeEraser foam pad can be used with or without bat pins.
  • A small amount of water between the foam pad and GlazeEraser may help increase grip between pad and disk.
  • GlazeEraser may be used directly on your Giffin Grip® with Wide Slider Pads if desired.
  • You control the rate of glaze removal by a combination of speed and cutting pressure. Cutting rate may vary due to differences in glaze hardness and clay body density.
  • Since GlazeEraser rotates at a relatively slow speed, the usual hazards associated with high speed grinding are minimized.  Though not required, the use of dust protection and safety glasses is always a good idea. Some users may find the normal grinding noise produced by GlazeEraser objectionable. Use earplugs if desired.
  • GlazeEraser may be used wet or dry depending on user preference. There is little airborne dust created in either case.
  • To clean disk surface, simply rinse and brush off powdered glaze residue from GlazeEraser under running water. This will clear the cutting surface of the disk. Clean the surface by rinsing as often as desired.
  • GlazeEraser is engineered to provide a long service life with minimal care. Experimentation and practice will yield the best results!
  • Use with or without a splash pan. Using a splash pan helps minimize the possibility of glass slivers becoming airborne in the studio area.  If used with a splash pan, do not dump the contents of the splash pan into your clay slop bucket as it contains glass and sharp ceramic fragments.
  • Avoid excessively high RPM speeds. GlazeEraser may spin off the rubber pad and break or cause injury.
  • When not in use, store GlazeEraser in its original packaging for protection. Although GlazeEraser is extremely durable, it will break if dropped on a hard surface or struck with a hard object.

GlazeEraser® Product Information

  • Long Service Life
  • 14" Diameter to Fit Most Wheel Heads
  • Can Be used With or Without Bat Pins
  • High Performance Natural Rubber Pad
  • No Safety Protection Required
  • Can Be Used Wet or Dry
  • Unique Slow Speed Design For Added Accuracy and Safety

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