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Kiln Stilts

All the ceramic stilt products below can generally be fired up to cone 10 (with lightweight objects). The stilts we sell are made of strong refractory, high Alumina stoneware using the highest grade high temperature wire available. 

Please Note: 3 pointed metal stilts are recommended for low fire. Firing any item on only 3 points is not recommended for high temp firing. So if firing cone 5 or above, we recommend using stilts with multiple points for support, or simply dry footing without glaze on the bottom.
Firing the bead bars at high temp will most likely make them bend. Use only light items on bead bars or use extra supports to keep them straight.
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Roselli "E" Series #6 S
Price: Starting at $4.31
Roselli "E" Series #6 S
Roselli "E" Series #6 S, 2.25" stilt with 2.5" rod.
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