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Antimony Oxide - Sb2O3

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Antimony oxide is used as an opacifier in low fire glazes and porcelain enamel (mainly leadless but it has been replaced to an extent by titania). Antimony is easily reducible; thus an oxidizing agent like potassium nitrate may be required to prevent it from going into solution and losing its opacifying power and affecting color.-It is not useful in glazes over cone 1 due to volatilization.-Antimony can be used as a yellow body stain in combination with rutile or titanium.-Antimony will bleach the surface of low fire red-burning clay to a buff color to produce variegated coloration.-The glass industry uses antimony as a decolorizing and fining agent to clarify glasses and as a stabilizing agent in the production of emerald green glass.-Antimony has a low thermal expansion and reduces crazing.
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