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Ferro Frit 3269

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Ferro Frit 3269 is a high soda, zinc borate frit. Useful for partially fritted gloss glazes for cone 06-01. Balanced enough for us alone. 3269 has moderately high expansion making it suitable as a crackle glaze (with an addition of 10% kaolin).
Frits are manufactured (melted and fused in a furnace, quenched and ground to a powder) precision stable mixtures of inorganic substances. Basically, they are complex combinations of oxides normally including silica (glass). With the addition of 10% clay, most are clear low-fire glazes by themselves. They offer stability and relative safety in their powdered form by rendering solubles and hazardous components insoluble by combining them with silica. Formulated and manufactured to exacting specifications, they are the exception to the usual impure variety of most ceramic raw materials.
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