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Nickel, Oxide - Black

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NICKEL OXIDE - Black  Ni203

A powerful and refractory colorant that produces greys, blues, and yellows. It is more concentrated than nickel carbonate and as little as .02% gives a noticeable tint. Normal additions are 2-5%.

It can soften and mute more intense colorants such as copper and cobalt. It is refractory and can raise the melting temperature of glazes if used in large amounts. Nickel Oxide is insoluble in water and soluble in acids

Given its high surface area and chemical reactivity, high purity black nickel oxide can be used to react with acids to form nickel salts, which can then be converted into other nickel compounds. Examples include the production of nickel sulfamate for electroplating, or the production of nickel molybdate for hydrodesulfurization catalysts. 

The oxide combines with other metal oxides to produce special color pigments. Uses also include glass frits for porcelain enamel and to develop colors in clear glass.

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