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Skutt GM22CS

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MSRP: $3,555.00
Price: $3,025.00
You Save: $530.00
Manufacturer: Skutt
Part No: GM22CS

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Skutt GM22CS Glass Kiln

The Skutt GM22CS is the Professionals choice. More commonly known as "The Clamshell", is without a doubt the Premier fusing kiln on the market. If you are a professional Fused Glass Artist, this kiln is made for you!
Chamber Capacity - Approximately 24 in. x 25 in. opening and 13.5 in. high: 4.35 cubic feet.
Depth Opening Width Opening Length Cu. ft.
13.5 in 24 in 25 in 4.35

Model Phase Volts Amps Watts Temp F Cubic Feet Opening Depth Wire Size Breaker Size NEMA Receptacle Ship Weight
 Download a GM-22CS 3 Inch Brick 1 Phase 240 Volts Product Spec Sheet
 Download a GM-22CS 3 Inch Brick 1 Phase 208 Volts Product Spec Sheet
 Download a GM-22CS 3 Inch Brick 3 Phase 240 Volts Product Spec Sheet
 Download a GM-22CS 3 Inch Brick 3 Phase 208 Volts Product Spec Sheet
GM-22CS/240V KILN W/STAND 1 240V 31A 7440W Cone , 1800 F 4.35 24.00 x 25.00 inches 13.5 inches 8 40 6-50 270 lbs
GM-22CS/208V KILN W/STAND 1 208V 35.8A 7440W Cone , 1800 F 4.35 24.00 x 25.00 inches 13.5 inches 8 40 6-50 270 lbs
GM-22CS/240V 3PH KILN W/STAND 3 240V 17.9A 7440W Cone , 1800 F 4.35 24.00 x 25.00 inches 13.5 inches 10 30 15-50 270 lbs
GM-22CS/208V 3PH KILN W/STAND 3 208V 20.7A 7440W Cone , 1800 F 4.35 24.00 x 25.00 inches 13.5 inches 10 30 15-50 270 lbs



The Shape

The Clamshell Shape of the GM22CS has several advantages. When you open the kiln lid, either just to peak or like Artist Patty Gray, to manipulate the glass while it is heated, you want protection from the heat and as little of the heat to escape as possible.

Unlike conventional top loading lid designs, the clamshell does not radiate the heat from the lid back in your face. Instead, it stores it in its bell type kiln lid. This drastically decreases the risk of thermal shock and reduces the time it takes for the chamber to recover back to set temperatures.

The bottom of the kiln is designed so you can post your shelf up level with the top edge. This allows you to assemble in the kiln without having to reach into the chamber just as you would on a table. It also allows heat to circulate under the shelf preventing a cool shelf.

PrintAnother advantage of the bottom being level with the top edge is full access for raking or making roll-ups like Jonathan Schmuck.

Its 24″ square chamber (23.5″ x 24.5″) is perfectly suited for tile or large platters and the 14″ chamber height allows for deep slump molds and fairly tall drop rings.



Elements Over Rods

Traditionally glass kiln elements are routed into the kiln lid. While functional and cost effective, this design sometimes can cause problems. Since the elements expand and contract as they heat and cool, they can cause bits of brick or element pins to fall into your piece. The elements in the GM22CS are suspended over the chamber on ceramic rods which completely eliminates the potential of these things happening.



Gas Struts

Due to its Clamshell design opening the lid on the GM22CS would be difficult if we did not provide assistance. That is why we added these gas struts. They were similar to the way they work on the hatchback of a car except these are specifically designed to hold up to the high temperatures of the kiln. We positioned them so they will be out of your your way when loading or manipulating glass in the kiln.


KilnMaster Controller

Sophisticated, Yet Easy to Use

  • Wall Mount Controller allows you to place the controller away from the heat in a spot that is convenient for you. The unit plugs into the back of the kiln so the cord is out of the way.
  • GlassFire Mode allows you to write a program simply by choosing your technique and the speed. It’s that easy!
  • Write your own firing programs with up to 8 Segments usingRamp and Hold. Now you can store up to 12 programs.
  • Built in Diagnostics give you or our technicians the ability to diagnose kiln problems with just a few button presses.
  • The Alarm feature allows you to set a temperature alarm that will notify you when the kiln is at peak temperature.
  • Adjust temperatures or hold times while the kiln is firing using Add Time or Add Temp or simply press Anneal Now to set your project and begin annealing it.
  • Use the Delay Start feature to fire the kiln when it is convenient for you to be there when the kiln reaches temperature.
  • …and so much more. Click Here to see the whole story.


The Thermocouple

  • Thin-walled inconel cover equals faster reaction time and higher accuracy.
  • Easy and quick to replace.
  • GM818, GM1018. and GM1227 all come with Zone Control. Since these kilns are designed to fire on multiple levels we place a thermocouple in each section to keep the temperature uniform from top to bottom.


The Warranty

  • Unlike most warranties, ours covers Parts AND Labor.
  • Never Pro-Rated.
  • Serviced by the most extensive, knowledgeable and talented distributor network in the industry.
  • Backed by a company whose mission statement is “We help you make great things”. When your kiln is down, you can’t make great things.


Optional Raised Stand and Viewing Window

Get the most out of your kiln by adding the optional view window and Adjustable Rolling Stand. The viewing window allows you to look into the kiln while it is actually firing so you can see if that piece is perfectly fused or slumped without losing heat by having to open the lid. The Adjustable Rolling Stand allows you to raise the kiln to a level that is comfortable for you. Watch this video to see what it looks like.


And So Much More!

When you are buying a kiln, you are not just buying the equipment, you are also buying the service that comes before and after the sale. From the moment we cut that first brick to the day you open the box, to the day you are ready to retire it, our reputation is on the line and we take that very seriously. 

Resource Links

Below you will find links to resources that are specific to this model: GlassMaster Kiln Manual

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