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Skutt Mini Scarab

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MSRP: $3,040.00
Price: $2,589.00
You Save: $451.00
Manufacturer: Skutt
Part No: Mini-Scarab

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Skutt Mini Scarab Flameworking Glass Kiln

The Mini Scarab (not so mini) has become a very common fixture among the Flameworking Community. It's big enough to handle the most common pieces yet small enough to go mobile.

Model Phase Volts Amps Watts Temp F Cubic Feet Opening Depth Wire Size Breaker Size NEMA Receptacle Ship Weight
 Download a MINI SCARAB 3 Inch Brick 1 Phase 240 Volts Product Spec Sheet
MINI SCARAB 240V KILN 1 240V 16A 3840W Cone , 1700 F 1.4 12.00 x 16.00 inches 12 inches 12 20 6-20 220 lbs

The Controller:
The software for the COE Controller was developed by Flameworker Marcel Braun to fit the specific needs of the Boro Flameworker.
It can be easy as pressing Go to start working and Go twice to anneal your piece and call it a night.
The Controller is programmed to heat to 1100 F but you can set it for whatever temperature you want.
You can choose between the 3 preset Annealing programs or create your own.
It also includes built in striking and repair programs.

The Main Chamber Door hinge system has been completely redesigned with precision hardware for smoother operation. The door is balanced using an counterweight. The arms holding the counter weight were engineered with a precise bend that places the counterweight in a neutral position when the door is half open. This allows for enough weight when the door is down to keep it closed and keeps it from wanting to get away from you when you open it.
The entire door is constructed of insulating fire brick surrounded by heavy gauge stainless steel. The handle is also constructed of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Primary Point Rest:
The Primary Point rest is designed to slide up and down to support your rods and tubes. If your handles are extremely long we would suggest adding the Optional Secondary Point Rest which extends further out from the kiln and is fully adjustable up and down. 
When you are ready to anneal you slide all the point rest up tight against the doggie/bead door to seal off the chamber.
The point rest is constructed of solid brick and stainless steel for maximum life. To operate it simply loosen the the knob, slide the rest to the position desired and tighten the knob. It was specifically designed to be a one hand operation so you can hold your glass with the other hand.


Skutt Kilns should arrive fully assembledPacked with the kiln you will find the following items:

Operating Manual
Extra Thermocouple (unless Type S)
Warranty Card
Every Scarab kiln is equipped with two pairs of handles so the can be moved easier. The handles are ergonomically placed to balance the weight while you are carrying it and also positioned low enough so you can lift it onto a table.

Optional Items

Secondary Point Rest
The Optional Secondary Point Rests, another unique design of Marcel Braun, are generally ordered on just about every Scarab that goes out of here. Flameworkers love its ability to hold long handles, preventing their work from popping up off the floor. Its well thought out design allows you to move the rest to almost any position you want. It not only moves in and out but also moves up and down. The scalloped edge ensures that your rods will stay in place. Do Not Forget To Order This Upgrade.

Optional Stand
The stands are constructed of heavy duty square tubing and are equipped with high quality locking metal wheels (won’ develop flat spots if they sit too long). It also has a convenient, built in, expanded metal tray that will catch falling glass and provides a place for your tools.
Purchasing the Optional Stand available for the Scarab and Mini Scarab is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Granted, it is not cheap…but that is because…well…IT”S NOT CHEAP. Did I mention these things are heavy? These stands are built to not only hold the weight, but also to roll around. Think how nice it would be to roll your kiln out to your pickup and then back out to your demo location. Believe me, having moved literally a ton of these kilns, it makes a difference.

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