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3" Lacewood Round Throwing Rib

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Price: $35.00
Manufacturer: Hsin Tools
Part No: HsinRib-3"

Hsin Tools 3" Lacewood Wood Round Throwing Rib

3/4" x 3" in diameter, Round Wooden Walnut or Lacewood Rib for Wheel-throwing Bowls Re-design by Hsinchuen Lin.
This piece of pottery tool is made of beautiful patterned lacewood, zebra, paduk, or walnut wood and is great for making nice round pots and bowls.
Three grip holes on the back side ensure a good strong hold on the tool.

To watch how Hsin uses the round rib, please visit his Youtube videos:

Care and maintenance:
They should not be left in the water or slurry bucket for a long time. After finishing, use a sponge to clean the surface, and set out to dry. In a couple weeks, apply mineral oil (my student use olive oil) on the surface and you can continue to enjoy their beauty and function!

To make the rib in clay, please watch my YouTube video:
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