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60 mm (2-3/8 inch) metal multi point stilt

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Price: Starting at $2.79
Manufacturer: Kiln Stilts
Part No: 60MM12P

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Single or Dozen:

60 mm metal 12-point ceramic stilt

Our 60 mm (2-3/8 inch) 12 point stilt is designed for medium size pieces and have 12 total points (4 per arm) for extra support or odd shapes. Our sharp pencil shape hi-temp metal tips leave the cleanest smallest mark possible in glazed items firing after firing.

We stock only the highest quality stilts for kiln firing at all temperatures. 

Please Note: Firing any item on only 3 points is not recommended for high temp firing. So if firing cone 5 or above, we recommend using stilts with multiple points for support, or simply dry footing without glaze on the bottom.
Also keep in mind, high fire items may warp when fired on stilts!

Perfect for use in:

  • Paint your own pottery studios
  • School kilns
  • Contemporary studios
  • Studio production kilns
  • Atmospheric kilns
  • Commercial, industrial or craft furnaces.
  • Any ceramic kiln! Gas or Electric
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