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Kemper Clay Tools
Manufactured in the U.S.A., Kemper has handcrafted tools for the ceramic arts for over 50 years. Today that says something. This has made Kemper the largest manufacturer of ceramic tools in the country.
Dolan Tools
Dolan Trim Tools and Knives are the Industry Standard in quality, sharpness and strength. Hand made in America!
Chinese Clay Art Tools
Unique handbuilding and wheel throwing tools from China
Dirty Girls Pottery Tools
Dirty Girls Tools for Potters. Hand Made in the USA
GR Pottery Forms
Drape hump molds for slab work
Sherrill Mud Tools
Unique brightly colored ribs, cutters & shaper tools
Texture Spheres
Patterned spheres for texturing clay slabs & more!
Hsin-Chuen Lin Tools
Tools created by Hsin-Chuen Lin - Famous Youtube Artist!
MKM texture rollers
Texture Pattern Hand Rollers for clay
Groovy Tools
Groovy tools are Made in Kentucky USA! Quality trim tools.
Xiem Studio Tools
Xiem Studio Tools offer a simple solution and creative purpose, focused on good design and quality execution without compromise. Xiem Studio Tools are the new essentials for clay artists.
Armature Wire
Aluminum Alloy internal foundation for sculptures
Brushes for glazes
Brushes for Ceramic Glazes & Underglazes
Clay Shapers
The Clay Shaper is used like a brush, but has an extra firm, black silicone tip to enable accurate sculpting with a variety of different materials. The tip is very easy to clean and gives the user precise control when working with clay.
Crown Point Carving Tools
Carving Tools for Clay
Designer Silkscreens
Mayco Silkscreen Sheets 12.5" x 18"
Diamond Clay Products
Diamond Products for Ceramics. Sanders, Grinders, Finishing, Hole Cutting.
Falcon Clay Tools
Fine wood tools and more
Japanese Tools
Japanese made Pottery Tools From Shimpo Ceramics
Pottery Texture Mats
Rubber mats for impressing clay
Smooth working surface for clay
Slip Decorators / Squeeze Bottles
for slip and underglaze application
Sponges for throwing, cleaning up and glazing
Texture Rollers & Stamps
Steve Tool, Texture & Hand Rollers, Rolling Pins for hand building & slab making. California Pot Tools
Tile Cutters
Shapes for cutting out tiles from slabs of clay
Trim Gin Tools
Superior quality trim tools and ribs
VanGilder Tools
Clay Tools by Bill VanGilder
WiziWig Tools - Stainless Steel Profile Ribs
8 Gauge finishing stainless steel WIZI PROFILE RIBS shape consistent profiles into the outside of your clay. Throw a cylinder, use a wizi rib, and "instantly" have a mug, beer stein, wine goblet and more! Great for sets
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"The Puck" Hand Grinding Stone
MSRP: $13.00
Price: $10.95
You Save: $2.05
"The Puck" Hand Grinding Stone
Pot grinding stone
16" Flexible Ruler
Price: $10.95
16" Flexible Ruler
The Xiem Flexible Ruler is adjustable for all of your shape-making and designing needs.
Aftosa 8 Piece Pottery Tool Kit
Price: $15.00
Aftosa 8 Piece Pottery Tool Kit
8 Piece Tool Kit for Ceramics & Pottery
Clay Planet Thickness Strips
Price: $20.95
Clay Planet Thickness Strips
for slab rolling
Fluting Tool
Price: $17.50
Fluting Tool
7 inch Steel Fluting Tool
Kintsugi Kit - Modern Epoxy
Price: $69.00
Kintsugi Kit - Modern Epoxy
Modern FDA Compliant Kitnsugi Kit
Kintsugi Kit - Traditional Urushi
Price: $99.00
Kintsugi Kit - Traditional Urushi
Traditional Kitnsugi Kit
MKM Decorating Disk
Price: Starting at $18.95
MKM Decorating Disk
Pattern Decorating disk (set of 2)
Philippe Faraut Eye Tool #502
Price: $12.95
Philippe Faraut Eye Tool #502
7" Clay Modeling Eye Tool
Precision Clay Cutter
Price: $16.95
Precision Clay Cutter
Hand held adjustable clay slab slicer
Stilt Stone - Extra Large
Price: $14.95
Stilt Stone - Extra Large
6" x 2" x 1" large stilt stone
Surform Shaver
Price: $8.50
Surform Shaver
Shaver with handle
Triangle Texturing Comb
Price: $3.95
Triangle Texturing Comb
Triangle texturing tool
Ultimate Edger
Price: Starting at $15.95
Ultimate Edger
Multi Shaped Stainless Steel Rib
Xiem Art Bag
Price: $32.95
Xiem Art Bag
Tool bag for the potter or sculptor
Kiln Shelf Cleaning Stone with Handle
Price: $19.95
Kiln Shelf Cleaning Stone with Handle
Kiln Shelf Cleaning Stone
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