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Western #4566 Ultra Turquoise Dry 25 Lbs

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Price: $240.00
Manufacturer: Clay Planet
Part No: WGD 4566

Western 4566 Stoneware Glaze

DRY Ultra Turquoise Art Glaze

  • 25 lb Bag
  • Lead Free
  • Mid Fire, Cone 5/6
  • Food Safe if fired to maturity and finish is not heavily crackled
  • Not recommended for School K-6 Use
  • Glaze contains copper
Mix with water, approximately 11 ounce of water per dry pound of glaze. Sieve glaze, allow to sit overnight for best results and adjust glaze thickness accordingly for application method. Sprayed glazes should be thinned down. 
NOTE: 25 lbs dry makes approximately one 5-gallon bucket of dipping glaze volume.

Western ART glazes are designed to flow, break, and move. They will run if applied thick.

Lead Time for Dry Glaze 7-14 days

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