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Multi-Cube Cutter

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Price: $40.00
Manufacturer: Chinese ClayArt
Part No: CM-02

The Multi-Cube Cutter is the perfect size for most bags of clay, (7.5" x 10.5" Cutting frame inside), with 4 cutting wires, creating 2" x 3" cubes. Cut an entire bag of clay into cubes in only few seconds.  Now comes with replacement wire.

Especially useful for teaching a group of students..

Please note - for SOFT CLAY ONLY. If the clay block is too firm, you may break a wire. Soft, fresh from the bag clay only!

Place the frame on the top of clay chunk with wire-side down, Push the frame from the top to the bottom through the clay chunk slowly, Turn over the clay chunk together with the frame. Then use the pieces as is, or use a wire tool to cut the clay chunk in half horizontally.

Features and Maintenance:
Metal stick supported in the middle, Stainless-steel wires, Adjustable wires with screws, Cleaning out after use every time to avoid the clay chemical damage the wires.

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