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Pint #E134 Maroon

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Price: $17.50
Manufacturer: Western Ceramic Colors
Part No: E134

Quantity Discounts

12 to 31$16.62
32 to 127$15.75
128 or more$14.00
Pint of Western Engobe (Colored Slip), Non-Leaded, Maroon
Safe for School K-6 Use.

Using Engobes (colored slips)

What is an Engobe? Engobe is a white or colored vitreous slip used to improve the appearance of otherwise boring colored clay. Western Engobes are quite versatile and have many uses. They can be applied to anything from leather-hard ware to bisque. The higher fired an engobe is, the more it will form into its own glaze, its surface hardening into a satin glaze at first, then glossing over as the fluxes melt more. 

Engobes fired in the low fire cones 06-05 will be dry and will need a clear glaze to have a gloss appearance. Above cone 04, Engobes will slowly turn glossy (and sticky like glaze!)

Engobes when applied to greenware can be carved through for use in techniques like sgraffito or mishima. Engobes can also be slip-trailed, brushed or sprayed for various effects. 

When a large area is to be slipped, we suggest application be done at the leather hard state for best adherence. Our Western clear glazes (1000, 2000, 3000, 4500, 4545, 220) can all be used over engobe (2 coats) to show their true brilliance in color. (Note: E-119, E-121, E-125 are not recommended for cone 10 due to bubbling.)

Some colors will not hold up to cone 10 and the color will fade. Green Engobes tend to darken the higher it is fired.

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