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SS 341 Satin Sealer

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Price: $7.25
Manufacturer: Duncan
Part No: SS 341

SS 341 Satin Spray Sealer

Duncan Satin Spray

Clear Satin spray (ss341) Can be used under, over and between Duncan acrylic colors. To maintain a bright acrylic base coat, spray on a coat before antiquing. Has a nice shine. 

The new Satin is equal to the old Gloss spray.

Attention         Spray cans and aerosols can only be shipped by ground

no shipping spray cans to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Catalina Island. Or any other countries. Canada is okay by UPS ground.  

How to use

  • Shake all aerosol products before using.
  • Spray to side of object and move spray onto surface of object. Stop spraying only after you have moved spray off to side of object. Never start or stop spraying directly on object.
  • Keep can in constant motion while spraying. A slow, even movement is best, giving better coverage and preventing runs and sags caused by spraying one spot heavily when you stop moving can.
  • Most sprays perform best when held approximately 8” to 12” from object. However, this may vary with particular product and climate in your area.
  • Always check directions on can. Holding can too far away will produce too light a coating. Holding can too close will cause sags or runs.
  • Always try to attain wet, thin film on surface being sprayed and always spray directly head-on at object.
  • Apply as many coats as necessary for desired effect; 2 light coats are better than one heavy coat. Remember to keep can moving once spray is hitting object. Do not stop spraying until you have moved spray off to side of object.
  • Always start off object in upper left-hand corner and go back and forth in even, side-to-side motion ending in lower right-hand corner, letting each stroke come completely off object and overlapping each stroke approximately one-third. When finished turn object 90 degrees and repeat same procedure in opposite direction. This will result in very even, uniform coating.
  • When spraying back and forth, hold can at same distance from object rather than swinging can in arc. When spraying round, sculptural or deeply relieved objects, spray in round, circular motion instead from side-to-side.
  • Always spray directly (head on) at object, and from correct distance. Start spraying off surface of object and finish off surface of object. 

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