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Oxide Washes

Western Oxide Washes are a unique product combining the versatility of raw metal oxide powders, with the stability, and usability of western brushing glazes.

Western Oxide Washes:
  • Work at ALL cones
  • Are stable at low fire - They don't rub off!
  • Work in reduction or oxidation
  • Can be used under or over glazes
  • Brush much better than raw oxides in water
  • Can be extended or thinned with water
  • Comes in a variety of the most common oxide 
    colors used in ceramics today
Top of tile: Oxide Over/Under White
Middle of tile: Oxide Over/Under Clear
Bottom of tile: Oxide only/Wiped off
Western Oxide Wash Color Chart  

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Photo Credit to Public Art Class, Highland Park High School, Highland Park, NJ

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