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Welcome to Clay Planet, Northern California's complete ceramic & pottery supply. We are Kiln, Clay & Glaze experts serving teachers, students & artists for over 50 years!

We manufacture over 20 signature ceramic clay bodies, 400+ colors of Western Ceramic Glazes, Underglazes, Engobes & more! Your new source of Aftosa products since 2020. We accept school Purchase Orders & offer discounts on thousands of items

About our history
  • Clay Planet originally started in the 1970's as a business called Marshall Craft, by a kiln designer and inventor, Marshall Wicke. Marshall Craft kilns are still in use today!
  • In the 1980's the Marshall Craft business was purchased by Bob Millavec, the name changed to Claymaker, and moved to N.13th Street in San Jose CA. It was there that the business expanded into mass production of ceramic clay. 
  • On February 1st, 2004 Claymaker became Clay Planet, with our current ownership and management. The business was expanded and moved to a larger facility at 1775 Russell Avenue in Santa Clara, CA.
  • Later in 2004 we purchased a controlling share and partnered with Phoenix Ceramic Supply in Santa Cruz CA.
  • In 2008 Clay Planet purchased (Sherry's) Western Ceramic Supply in San Carlos, CA. We became the sole manufacturer of Western Ceramic Glazes, with distributors throughout the US and beyond. Western Glazes have been produced in the northern California bay area since the 1950s!
  • In January 2020 we purchased the Aftosa name to produce and distribute the Aftosa line of accessory products. Aftosa is a long known brand in the ceramic industry for all ceramic accessories you need to compliment your clay projects. We continue to honor that legacy of products now and into the future.
Since our founding, we have:
  • Greatly expanded the variety of retail store products.
  • Added a delivery truck with liftgate for residential kiln delivery throughout the bay area.
  • Created several new exciting clay bodies, doubling the line of clays we produce.
  • Designed and grew the line of Western glaze colors in high-fire, mid-fire, raku and beyond.
  • Added on-site & in-house repair services of electric & gas kilns, slab rollers, and pottery wheels.
  • We offer firing services to the public with no membership fee, and all temperature ranges!
  • Partnered with Olander Earthworks to produce and distribute the line of Texture Spheres clay texturing tools.
We look forward to a great future with you as our customer!

M-F 9 to 5
Sat 10 to 3
Closed Sundays
800-443-CLAY(2529) Toll Free
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