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APT-II Ceramic Enhancer (Low-Fire)

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Price: $6.95
Manufacturer: APT Products
Part No: APT-II-C

APT-II Enhancer is an acrylic emulsion additive that is food safe and non-toxic.  It cleans up with water and has an indefinite shelf life.  Usage techniques and firing methods are not altered. 


          APT-II Enhancer will thicken all brands of slip and clay bodies, enabling the ceramist to attach, mend and create surface decorations.  This process can be performed on greenware, bisque or finished glazed pieces.

For Mending and Attaching

·        Pour fresh slip into container.

·        Add APT-II Ceramic Enhancer into slip until it begins to thicken to a consistency of cake batter.

·        If *Slip Mixture becomes too thick for attaching or mending, thin back with slip - not water.  (Adding water will increase shrinkage.)

·        Unused *Slip Mixture may be stored in an airtight sealed container for several days.  Add more slip if it becomes too thick.

·        If *Slip Mixture is left open to air, it will dry and become greenware.


Wet Greenware

1.                 Apply *Slip Mixture to pieces that will be attached.

2.                 Gently and firmly press pieces together (no scoring necessary).  Bonding occurs immediately.  Be sure pieces are positioned correctly.  NOTE:  Some pieces may still require propping.

3.                 Clean excess with cleaning tool or damp sponge.  Limit use of water as it causes shrinkage and stress cracks.

4.                 After greenware dries, clean as usual and fire to a greenware firing.

Dry Greenware and Bisque

1.                 Apply APT-II Ceramic Enhancer - not water directly to broken pieces.

2.                 Immediately, apply *Slip Mixture to broken pieces.

3.                 Position pieces correctly - gently and firmly press pieces together.

4.                 Immediately clean excess with regular cleaning tool or damp sponge.

5.                 Let dry - fire to the recommended greenware or bisque firing.

Stress Cracks on Greenware & Bisque

1.                 Apply APT-II Ceramic Enhancer from bottle into stress crack.

2.                 Immediately fill with *Slip Mixture.

3.                 Clean excess with cleaning tool - let dry as usual.

4.                 Re-fire to a bisque firing.

Finished Glazed Pieces

If a broken glazed piece can be re-fired, it can be repaired.

1.                 Follow the instructions for Dry Greenware and Bisque.

2.                 After mended area dries, clean excess back to original contour.

3.                 Add APT-II Ceramic Enhancer (4 drops per oz.) into glaze for reglazing mended area.

4.                 Let dry - re-fire to a glaze firing.



When adding APT-II Ceramic Enhancer into glaze for re-glazing, the APT-II will make the new glaze adhere to the cold glaze surface.  It feels as if you were glazing on bisque and will not brush off.

1.                 Stir in approximately 3-4 drops of APT-II Ceramic Enhancer per ounce into glaze.  Apply the number of coats required.  NO PREHEATING IS REQUIRED.

2.                 Follow the color manufacturer's instructions for firing.


Glaze on Glaze

You can glaze over an already finished piece to change the colors or create designs by wiping away the unfired glaze in selected areas.

1.                 Stir in 3-4 drops of APT-II Ceramic Enhancer per ounce into glaze.  (Example:  You can use black glaze on the base color - apply approximately 2 coats and let dry.  Fire to the recommended firing.

2.                 Stir in 3-4 drops of APT-II Ceramic Enhancer per ounce into glaze.  This causes the glaze to adhere to the cold glaze surface. (Example:  You may use a red glaze on the second color.  Apply approximately 2 coats.

3.                 Creating a design:  While glaze is still damp, use a scafitto tool or banding wheel to cut through the red unfired glaze.  Let dry - fire to the recommended

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