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Check out these awesome rebates!

Available when you purchase any of the equipment listed below from Clay Planet!

$100 Rebate in AMACO glazes with purchase of the following equipment.
photo of brent wheel EX.

Wheel EX

photo of brent wheel CXC.

Wheel CXC

photo of brent wheel C.

Wheel C

photo of brent wheel B.

Wheel B

photo of brent wheel 16.

Wheel 16

photo of slab roller SR-36.

Slab Roller SR-36

$70 Rebate in AMACO glazes with purchase of the following equipment.
photo of brent wheel J.

Wheel J

photo of brent wheel EJ.

Wheel EJ

photo of AMACO Wheel No. 1.

Wheel No. 1 

photo of AMACO Wheel No. 2C.

Wheel No. 2C


photo of Slab Roller SRC.

Slab Roller SRC

photo of Slab Roller SR-14.

Slab Roller SR-14

photo of Slab Roller SR-20.

Slab Roller SR-20

AMACO Will Ship Your Bonus Glazes at No Charge to You!*

  1. After purchasing and taking delivery of any piece of qualifying equipment, you are eligible to receive a gift of LEAD FREE glazes from AMACO®.
  2. Determine the value of glazes from the list above and make your selection from our glazes online.
  3. Send your list of preferred glazes to AMACO® within six months of purchase.
  4. *Glazes will be shipped at no charge to addresses within the continental U.S.
  5. If you have already purchased qualifying equipment and would like to redeem your rebate, please click here. NOTE: Online form requires completion of both the warranty registration and FREE glaze selections at the same time. If you have purchased equipment listed in the chart above and are eligible for the FREE Glazes Rebate, have your list of glazes ready when registering your purchase online.

Glaze Product Rebates may take up to 30 days to process to guarantee orders ship complete. In the event glazes are backordered beyond 30 days, we will contact the customer to either substitute glazes for immediate shipment or get customer’s approval to ship a partial order at no charge. Customer will be responsible for shipping charges on any backordered items. All requests for glazes must be submitted after equipment is delivered and within 6 months of purchase date. Valid for end-users only, no distributors or dealers eligible.

Please Note: brent® ie, ie-r, ie-x potter’s wheels, brent® Mini SRC slab roller; AMACO® 62-EFC, 67-EFC, MK-4, FA-5-E, and MAC-2000 kilns are NOT eligible for this program.


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