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Carving - Sgraffito Tool (Sanggam)

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MSRP: $25.00
Price: $22.50
You Save: $2.50
Manufacturer: Hsin Tools
Part No: #15

Precision (Sanggam) Carving/Sgraffito Tools by HsinChuen Lin

Used to carve intricate designs in clay. This type of tool is used by many master potters of Korea.

Made with stainless steel, these tool set stay sharp longer, clean up easier and rust free.

Resharpening instruction:
I have a bench grinder in my studio and before trimming I usually like to sharpen the tools. If you don't have a power grinder, you can use a fine file or a fine sanding/grinding stone lightly sanding the inner part of the tools. The outside part of the tools already have beveled and by sanding the inner part you should be able to make the tools sharp again.
Please watch the resharpening video here:

Please watch the video on how to use the stainless steel tools for trimming and creating chattering texture.

Please watch the video on how to use the hacksaw blade tools for trimming and creating chattering texture.

To watch more of my throwing videos, please visit my Youtube channel:

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