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Chabot College Tool Kit 2023

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Price: $86.00
Manufacturer: Clay Planet

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Add a bag of clay?

Chabot College Tool Kit.

  • Masking Tape
  • Sharpie
  • Serrated Metal Rib (flexible) S10-X
  • AL10-X 10 Inch Calipers
  • WLS-X Sgraffito Tool
  • Pro-X Needle Tool
  • JA19-X Wood tool
  • D10-X Sculpting Tool
  • F97-X Fettling knife (hard)
  • Kemper 210-X (SC401A) Large sculpting tool
  • K35 Cutoff Wire
  • Round Sponge
  • Faraut Eye Tool
  • Kemper 8R2-X Sculpting Tool
  • Precision Scissors

You can also select a bag of clay based on your instructors directions.
Choose from:
Imco Sculpture Mix IM-513
Sculpture Raku by Clay Planet
B-Mix with Sand by Laguna
8-11 Red by Imco IM-504

Items will be shipped to Chabot College for the beginning of classes.

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