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Cress FUSERT2818E Glass Kiln

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MSRP: $3,965.00
Price: $3,199.00
You Save: $766.00
Manufacturer: Cress Kilns
Part No: FUSERT2818E

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Cress FUSERT2818E Glass Kiln

The Cress Fuser 2818 Oval glass kiln fires to 2,000ºF on 240 or 208 volts. This 6.6 cubic foot kiln features a 3" firebrick wall.

This kiln is equipped with a full size keypad capable of doing cone fire firings, holds 6 programs with 8 segments each, and comes preset with six Ramp-Hold programs, glass slumping, glass tack, glass full fuse, glass bead-annealing, lost-wax burnout, and slow cooling cycle.

Standard Features: 

Steel Base Plate: A steel base plate is included for safety and strength.
Tapered Peepholes & Peephole Plugs: Tapered peepholes offer a wider angle of viewing into the firing chamber and the snug fitting; tapered firebrick plugs minimize heat loss.
Elements & Element Grooves: Cress kilns use the highest quality most durable elements set into precision cut grooves. We take the extra time and expense to pin our elements in place closer to the firing chamber, taking advantage of direct radiant heat and increasing element life.

Instruction Manual: An excellent and concise instruction manual makes the dealer’s job easier and the customer’s job safer and more trouble free.

Exceptionally Mechanically Sound: The strong steel fixed hinge provides a strong, steady attachment of the lid to the kiln and avoids the problem of possible damage by brick hitting brick near the joint. We use a superior extra strong lid brace for extra safety. The rigid back brace clamps keep the kiln strong over the years helping protect the brick and giving the kiln a strong spine. A strong pre-assembled welded steel stand is standard.


240 V

Brick Thickness

3 in

Max. No. of Cone / Max. Temperature

3 / 2000 ºF

Chamber Opening

28.13" (12 sided)


18 in


6.6 ft³

Outside Width

35.5 in

Outside Depth

40 in


33 in


48 A


11.5 kW

Shipping Weight

300 Pound

Amp Fuse Size


Short Wire Size


Plug Type




Inside Depth

18 in



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