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Diamond Clay Tools

Diamond Clay Tools are the best for smoothing, cleaning, finishing ceramic ware. You can polish, level off, remove rough spots, and finish your thrown ceramic ware using a Giffin Grip to secure to the wheel head. 

Using the diamond pads you can smooth a rough lip or foot on a functional cup, mug, bowl or plate. 
With Rotary Tools you can open up glaze filled holes in berry bowls, teapots, remove wadding from soda or wood fires, or clean up glaze drips.
You can polish the bottom of a rough clay pots with the hand pads, or discs so that they do not scratch a wood or glass table top. 
Smooth the inside and outside of a Flameware cooking pot for easier cooking, cleaning and to not scratch a glass electric cooking surface.
With Diamond Discs you can glue them to a bat, or hold down with a bat grabber or foam bat to level uneven thrown feet, or wobbly sculptures.
Hole cutters can easily transform any pot into a planter for the garden, or succulents.

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