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Dixer - Serrated Dig Mixer for glaze

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Price: $36.00
Manufacturer: Chinese ClayArt
Part No: MX 16

The "DIXER" Dig Mixer for hard pan glazes

Does your favorite bucket of glaze separate into water on the top and cement like hardness on the bottom?
Dig it out and remix it with the DIXER Dig Mixer.

Attaches to any drill. Perfect size of a 5-gallon bucket of glaze or 2 gallon bucket. Shearing and digging blades work miracles on dead hard glazes.

15 inches long. 2.5 inch wide biting, digging and mixing head.

Drill down into hard glazes, shear blend and remix the glaze while adding a suspending agent like the Western Glaze Suspender!  Nub on the bottom keeps digging blades form digging through the bottom of your bucket. 

Adding the glaze suspender while mixing the glaze can revive old hard glazes! It's recommended to mix and add enough suspender to keep in suspension. Add about an ounce of suspender at a time until glaze stays suspended.

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