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Dry Porcelain Clay

Dry Porcelain is used either as an engobe for covering darker clay colors in the greenware state, or mixed with deflocculants to make casting slips. Dry porcelain slip is often colored with mason stains to create brightly colored slips used in sgraffito or color inlay in clay. Dry porcelain is sold by the 25 pound bag.
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Dry Glacia Porcelain
Price: $31.90
Dry Glacia Porcelain
Cone-10 Porcelain
Dry Icelia Porcelain (25 pound dry)
Price: $36.30
Dry Icelia Porcelain (25 pound dry)
Cone-5/6 Porcelain
Pier Porcelain
Price: $39.58
Pier Porcelain
Pier Porcelain, Cone 10, 25 lb bags
Prop 65 Warning for Crystalline Silica (dry glaze only)
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