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L&L Easyfire E23T-3

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MSRP: $4,800.00
Price: $4,095.00
You Save: $705.00
Manufacturer: L&L Kilns
Part No: E23T-3

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L&L Model E23T-3 Ceramic Kiln

The e23T-3 is the best selling kiln from L&L. 

Three 9” high sections stack on top of each other. The hinge and element connection box hold the entire kiln together as an integrated unit. The kiln is very easy to assemble and disassemble. All wires are marked or color coded and attach to pull-off terminal strips. 

 Stainless steel wrapped around shaped firebrick. There are three adjustable clamps welded to each casing. All assembly is with stainless steel screws. The kiln sections sit on a separate stand.
 Spring loaded "Easy-Lift" lid opens with a feather-lite touch. The strength of the hinge allows the lid to rest back away from the opening without a support arm that would get in the way of loading the kiln.
 Heavy-duty 14 gauge full solid stand with multiple bends for strength. Legs bolt on with heavy 1/4-20 stainless bolts. The metal is aluminized for good corrosion resistance.
 proprietary brick coating is applied to all interior surfaces of the kiln. This is put on before the element holders are inserted. This coating penetrates the firebrick and fuses the surface on a microscopic level which helps prevent dusting and crumbling of the fragile firebrick.
 Solid ceramic peephole plugs with full 1” diameter. Three total: one per section.

 3" (76 mm) K23 Premium Firebrick
 Three 9" high sections
 10 sides
 6.7 cubic ft (190 Liters)
 340 pounds (154 Kg)
 22-3/8" Diam x 27" High
 31" Wide x 42" Deep x 42" High
78.7 cm Wide x 106.7 cm Deep x 106.7 cm High
 Download (PDF)
 Three control zones with three separate thermocouples. 
 8 Ga Type K Exposed Thermocouple in Mullite Protection Tube (4.5" long /114mm)
 Mounted on control panel
 All controls and components are mounted in a separate control panel that is piggy-backed to the element connection box. A layer of insulation and this separation helps keep the controls cool. The control panel and element box are hinged for easy access and maintenance. Control box can be easily removed for servicing. On/off switch and control fuse are included.
 Control box drops down perpendicular to kiln for easy access to wiring and controls. All electrical wires are color coded or numbered.

Zone control gives you the utmost in controllable temperature uniformity. The DynaTrol separately measures temperatures in the bottom, middle and top of the kiln and automatically adjusts the heat output of three zones during the entire firing.
DynaTrol with 4 Easy-Fire programs (Slow Bisque, Fast Bisque, Slow Glaze, Fast Glaze), 6 custom programs, PreHeat, Delay, Program, Segment Review, and Diagnostics. Zone control included on most kilns.
K23 firebrick combines good insulation with strength

The Quad element design improves element life by offering the largest element in the industry for top-loading craft kilns combined with L&L's patented hard ceramic element holders. 

APM elements increase element life in difficult applications like cone ten firing, or very long hold segments.

Two 20" Full Round Shelves and Four 20" Half Round Shelves (3/4" thick), Six each of 1/2", 1", 2", 4", 6", & 8" high 1-1/2" Square Ceramic Posts, Heat Resistant Gloves and 1 pound of Cone 10 Kiln Wash

Part Number
Fuse Size
9980 W
208 V
Single Phase
60 Amp
11000 W
208 V
Three Phase (Delta)
40 Amp
10560 W
220-230 V
Single Phase
60 Amp
11400 W
220-230 V
Three Phase (Delta)
40 Amp
11520 W
240 V
Single Phase
60 Amp
11520 W
240 V
Three Phase (Delta)
40 Amp
11400 W
380-415 V
Three Phase (Wye)
25 Amp

Genesis Upgrade

The new Genesis control from Bartlett includes a touch screen interface and WIFI connectivity added to the proven software of the DynaTrol. AVAILABLE NOW.


  1. Touch-screen technology for the user interface
  2. Easy-to-follow screen descriptions
  3. Different user-interface levels, which can be set to match the user’s firing knowledge
  4. Graphical display of the firing process right at the controller
  5. Store up to 12 custom user programs
  6. Up to 32 segments per program
  7. Ability to make adjustment during a firing such as add segments, add temperature, and skip segments
  8. Built in diagnostics testing for use with a current sensor
  9. Alarm
  10. Error Codes
  11. WiFi enabled for easy software updating
  12. Compatible with KISS computer interface
Note: It is only an option for kilns that normally come with a DynaTrol control.
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