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Equipment & Studio Furniture

Please note: Large equipment is often manufactured to order. Wait times from manufacturers can be anywhere from a few weeks to 6+ months depending on the model, size, and options. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY OR CALL US FOR UP TO DATE INFO BEFORE YOU ORDER IF TIME IS CRITICAL.

Clay Planet offers ceramic classroom and studio furniture from DEBCOR, ad well as NORTHSTAR, LAGUNA, ALPINE, and BRENT.
Everything from ware carts, and clasoom clay working tables, to clay storage and drying shelves or glazing tables with bins.
If you have any additional questions feel free to give us a call at 800-443-2529 and we can talk to you about options for all these great studio furniture porducts.
Cabinets & Tables
Debcor Drying cabinets, Damp Cabinets, Classroom Tables
Soldner Clay Mixers
The industry standard of clay mixers
Spray Booth
Glaze Spraying Booths
Studio Sinks and Traps
Studio Sinks and Traps
Ware & Shelf Carts
Ware & Shelf Carts by Brent, Northstar, Laguna, Alpine
Wedging Tables
Wedging Tables
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Talisman Hand Sieve
Price: Out Of Stock
Talisman Hand Sieve
Excellent tool for easy sieving of dry or wet materials. perfect for mixing glazes!
Talisman Rotary Glaze Sieve
MSRP: $255.00
Price: $245.00
You Save: $10.00
Talisman Rotary Glaze Sieve
Excellent rotating sieve with handle for easy sieving of dry or wet materials. perfect for mixing glazes!
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