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Evenheat RM 1210

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MSRP: $1,250.00
Price: $1,150.00
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Manufacturer: Evenheat Corp.
Part No: RM1210

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Evenheat High Fire 1210B

Product Description

The Evenheat High Fire 1210B ceramic kiln is designed for ceramic firing up to 2350°F (1288°C), cone 10. Its 240V operation makes it perfect for the professional artist or home studio, and .86 cubic feet of space give it plenty of room for smaller pieces.

The High Fire 1210B is automatically controlled with a digital controller of your choice.

This kiln ships with a free 2 year warranty.

Product Specifications
Model High Fire 1210B
Max Kiln Temperature (°F) Cone 10 / 2350 F
Kiln Shape Hexagon
Loading Type Top-loading
Inside Dimensions 11.25" Dia. x 13.5" Deep
Exterior Dimensions 
(Not Incl. Controller)
17.25" W x 17.25" L x 19.5" H
Volume .86 cu. Ft.
Power Receptacle NEMA 6-20R
Voltage 240V
Watts 3120W
Amps 13A
Shipping Weight 70 lbs
Shipping Lead Time 3 Weeks
Warranty 2 Year


  • Two-position lid vent

  • Made entirely of high-quality, American-built 3" bricks for excellent temperature distribution

  • Load bearing hinge and lid handle brackets are installed on the corners of the kiln for added strength and durability

  • Full stainless jacket - no leaks, no shifting and no weakness

  • Lid security bar keeps lid open for simple operation

  • Specially engineered, durable stands

  • Swing-away peep hole cover instead of fragile plugs

  • Extra-wide (8") lid handle designed to be easily lifted while wearing gloves

Quiet Drive Solid State Relay

Evenheat's patented Quiet Drive Solid State Relay is hands down the best investment you can make in your kiln!

With no moving parts, this relay is able to be triggered up to 60 times a second as opposed to the upper limit of 10 times a second on the default mechanical relay. This means incredibly tight temperature control ensuring each and every one of your firings is as accurate as possible.

The Quiet Drive uses a special method call "Zero Crossing" that will ensure that the heating elements are off when the voltage is at 0V - Giving your heating elements a break so that they will last longer, and you'll save energy!

The best part though? Since there are no moving parts - the Quiet Drive Solid State relay should never need replacing! You will save money and time by never needing to worry about this in the future! 

Controller Selection

Evenheat has close relationships with the manufacturers of a variety of digital controllers. This means you will have nothing but the best the best in terms of performance and accuracy in your firings.

With a selection of multiple controllers available - you can choose exactly what fits your needs.

TAP Touchscreen Smart Controller by SDS Industries

The top of the line. The bread and butter. The cream of the crop. The controller for those who want to make their lives easier, improve their craft, and make incredible quality products.

This is our top selling controller - And for good reason!

TAP Smart ControllerThe TAP Smart Controller is without a doubt the best choice on the market right now - It's easy to use, has stellar performance, and is packed full with features!

It has more memory than any other controller, allowing you to more easily utilize, revise, and save many different kinds of firing programs.

Storage for firing programs is virtually unlimited! Create as many profiles, with as many steps as you'd like - you won't be limited by this controller.

Our favorite part though: When ordered with the Wi-Fi Dongle, you can control everything from any device! Prefer to work on your computer or tablet - how about your phone?



With an internet connection to your TAP Smart Controller, updates from SDS Industries can be applied to your controller automatically - ensuring you always have the most up-to-date software for years to come!

Easily adjust the in-progress firing, skip steps, and view all graphical information on your firing with just a "TAP"!

The amount of time you save by working with the TAP Smart Controller pays for itself for years to come - you'll be so happy with this investment that you won't know how you managed so long without it.

The TAP Smart Controller supports the Loud Alarm option.


The Genesis is another touch screen option; while not as packed full of features as the TAP Smart Controller - it has great flexibility over the Set-Pro! Genesis Controller

The Genesis has the ability to store up to 12 different programs - with up to 32 segments per program each! You'll have trouble adding segments, skipping, or adding temperature along the way.

This is a great choice for a controller if you want the features of a smart controller, but want the ease of straightforward programming and use.


The Rampmaster provides additional versatility over the Set-Pro controller.

With a numerical keypad, Rampmaster III Controller it allows the operators to create up to 12 firing programs, each including up to 8 segments.

Need to make adjustments as you go? On-the-fly adjustments and other menu functions are available to provide additional control and create your ideal firing profile.

The Rampmaster also supports the Loud Alarm option.

Set Pro Controller

The Set-Pro is our basic, no frills controller. It gets the job done, but does not offer nearly as much flexibility as the others.

It offers the option to create 8 firing programs, with 8 segments each.

This is a good choice if you're only planning to occasionally use your oven and do not want room to expand in the future.

Orton Vent Master

With all ceramic and glass kilns, we highly recommend that they be vented to the outside. But why?

First and foremost - is your safety! When heating various materials in your kiln, many have byproducts that burn off and are released into the air. These byproducts are toxic and you don’t want that mixing with the air you’re breathing. Orton Vent Master

The Orton Vent Master has a patented process called “Downdraft Venting”. By manufacturing the kiln with a hole in the bottom, we’re able to attach the vent here and pull the fumes out and vent them outside through a duct or window.

This process helps improve the air flow and produce more uniform temperatures throughout the chamber, ensuring that each of your pieces is accurately being heated. The additional oxygen will ensure your colors develop to their truest nature.

In addition, with downdraft venting - you’ll extend the life of the elements and other metals within our kiln, ensuring your kiln lasts longer and you have reduced repair costs down the road. We often hear from customers that they are confident that by utilizing their venting system their kiln will last much longer than it would have otherwise and that the investment has more than paid for itself.

Furniture Kit

Furniture Kits are necessary accessories for any kiln owner as firing directly on the kiln floor is not only bad for the kiln, but your pieces as well. In addition to this, they're also useful! A furniture kit will allow you to stack multiple shelves on top of one another in order to maximize the useable space when firing smaller pieces.

If you have one that will fit this kiln size already, then you're in luck! But if not, you'll want to ensure you add this to your order as well.

Furniture Kit

Furniture Kit includes:

  • One (1) 9" Half Shelf
  • One (1) 10-1/4" Full Shelf
  • Three (3) each of 1", 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6" Posts. All posts 1" square.
  • One (1) Haik Brush
  • One (1) 1lb. Kiln Wash


Kiln furniture can be special ordered separately, but if done so the cost is ~10-20% higher and will incur a separate shipping charge. It's best to include this on your intial order of the kiln.

* Received shelves may contain surface imperfections such as scratches, discoloration or rough edge. These possible imperfections are understood and accepted by the buyer.

208 Volt

Is your building not configured for 240V? For example, most schools in the United States are configured for 208V, and if this is the case - you'll need to select this option.

Be aware, that dropping the voltage of your kiln will also lower the maximum temperature that can be reached. For this reason, the 208V option is only available on Evenheat's HF (High Fire) series.

Stand with castors

The standard order of this kiln comes with a stationary stand built to handle the weight, heat, and shape of the kiln. While this works perfectly fine, attempting to move your kiln can be a difficult maneuver and could result in a damaged stand, or worse - a broken kiln! Stand with casters

Ordering a stand with casters (wheels) ensures the whole process of moving your kiln for any reason is a smooth, simply process.

No longer worry about if you're running out of room within your garage - you can tuck you kiln away in a corner when it's not in use! And of course - if you're one for moving the kiln around the studio or other rooms, this is essentially a necessity.

Power Interrupt Switch

The power interrupt switch is a useful safety feature which removes power from the heating elements of your kiln once it is opened, and reapplies the power once the lid has been closed. Power Interrupt Safety Switch

If you believe you'd ever like to be open the kiln during firing, the power interrupt switch is a highly recommended addition to your new purchase.

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