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EZ 075 Passion Red E-Z Stroke Underglaze

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Price: $3.95
Manufacturer: Duncan
Part No: EZ 075
Duncan EZ Strokes are translucent one-stroke underglazes designed for application on greenware
 for detailed applications of watercolor-type colors. The Duncan EZ Strokes are able to achieve highly detailed results
 because of the intensity of the color pigmentation in a finely milled product formula.
It is this fine milling of the color pigment that allows the Duncan EZ Strokes to be easily diluted for water-color a
ppearance brushstrokes or used in a majolica technique over a white gloss or satin glaze for a soft muted appearance.
Duncan EZ Strokes are nontoxic, and will be dinnerware safe if used in conjunction with a non-toxic, dinnerware safe glaze.
Duncan EZ Strokes may also be used on bisque. A second firing to set and develop the colors may help.
Duncan EZ Strokes may be fired to Cone 6 or cone 10, though some color shifting may occur at the higher temperatures. We suggest you test them on a test tile before using on an important piece.
All Duncan EZ Strokes are available in 1 oz bottles. The most popular colors are available in pint (16 oz) bottles.

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