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Hanson Swing-T Mixer

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Price: $69.95
Manufacturer: Hanson Corp.
Part No: TML-T5

Swing-T Mixer

Attach to a power drill to mix glazes and plasters.Glazes and many other materials come in a sealed metal or plastic 5-gallon container which can be time consuming to open. By entering the pouring spout with the Swing-T you can mix with action that you couldn’t obtain without removing the top. The Swing-T opens to a 5” mixing diameter when centrifugal force is applied. 

This mixer follows the tradition of the other Hanson Plunge Mixer line, having teeth on the bottom for added mixing action and the ability to loosen material from the bottom of mixes without harming the container. Material: Aluminum head, 3 /8” diameter plated steel shaft.

The Hansen mixer does not drag air when mixing materials, when finishing mixing the product is very solid with minimal air entrapment. They save plenty of time and hard work when mixing large amounts of material.
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