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IKEG - Hand Held Clay Extruder

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Price: $64.99
Manufacturer: Kemper Tools
Part No: IKEG

Kemper IKEG

Kemper's Industrial Klay Gun 
The IKEG extruding gun comes with three aluminum disks that are inside the gun. One disc has a circular hole which is just over 1/2" and doubles as a converter for our K45 Klay Gun disks and screens. The other two discs are blank for you to customize to your needs.
o A natural clay medium works best.
o Clean the gun after each use
o To load from the front, push in the silver tab and hold while pulling out the plunger. You can load the gun from either the back or front, however, the front is easier to load and reload.
o For better leverage, hold the trigger from the bottom, squeeze in then release only half way out and squeeze in again. By releasing the handle only half way out you obtain consistent and maximum power, in addition to being helpful for those with small hands or limited strength.
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