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PLEASE NOTE: The kilns listed here are variants of the kilns below. You will need to add/select the listed specifications to purchase the kiln we actually have in stock. Otherwise average lead times apply. For more information give us a call at 408-295-3352

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Aim 88 Electric Kiln
Price: $1,095.00
Aim 88 Electric Kiln
Aim "88" square 8x8x9 inch kiln.
L&L Easyfire E23M-3
MSRP: $4,475.00
Price: $3,825.00
You Save: $650.00
L&L Easyfire E23M-3
5.5 cubic ft. Easy-Fire Automatic Kiln with with Multi-Program Zoned DynaTrol mounted in an easy-open piggy-back control panel, 3" brick. Cone 10 for all voltages.
Paragon SC-2 Silver & Glass Kiln
MSRP: $1,403.00
Price: $1,269.00
You Save: $134.00
Paragon SC-2 Silver & Glass Kiln
Digital SC-2 Kiln for China Painting, Decals, Enameling, Glass Fusing, Lost Wax Casting, Low-Fire Ceramics, Silver Clay
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Skutt Firebox 8x6 LT
MSRP: $1,290.00
Price: $1,099.00
You Save: $191.00
Skutt Firebox 8x6 LT
8" x 8" x 6" Cone 6 digital test kiln
Skutt GlazeTech
MSRP: $2,039.00
Price: $1,749.00
You Save: $290.00
Skutt GlazeTech
True Cone 10 Test Kiln
Skutt KM-822
MSRP: $2,814.00
Price: $2,399.00
You Save: $415.00
Skutt KM-822
3.2 cubic ft. KM-822 Kiln
Skutt KM-1027
MSRP: $4,525.00
Price: $3,849.00
You Save: $676.00
Skutt KM-1027
7 cubic ft. KM-1027
Olympic 18 Raku
MSRP: $2,365.00
Price: $2,095.00
You Save: $270.00
Olympic 18 Raku
3.29 Cubic Ft. Raku Kiln (fires to cone 10)
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