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Non Metal Double Pointed Stilt

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Manufacturer: Kiln Stilts

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Double Pointed ceramic stilt, non metal point.

99% Alumina high temp non metal stilts can be used either side or direction.

Normally used in dry footed conditions, greenware, or high fired stoneware. has only the highest quality stilts for kiln firing at all temperatures. 
Our stilts have been tested up to cone 10 without failure! 

Select your size of double point stilt above

#1 double point stilt is 30 millimeters/1.18" from point to point
#2 double point stilt
 is 35 millimeters/1.38" from point to point
#3 double point stilt
 is 50 millimeters/ 1.97" from point to point
#4 double point stilt
 is 58 millimeters/ 2.28" from point to point
#5 double point stilt
 is 62 millimeters/ 2.44" from point to point (currently out of stock)
#6 double point stilt is 77 millimeters/ 3" from point to point 
#7 double point stilt is 87 millimeters/ 3.4" from point to point.

Perfect for use in:

  • Paint your own pottery studios
  • School kilns
  • Commercial, industrial or craft furnaces.
  • Contemporary studios
  • Studio production kilns
  • Atmospheric kilns
  • Any ceramic kiln! Gas or Electric
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