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Clay Planet
Ten Year Anniversary
Open House Celebration
May 31st 2014, 9am-6pm

We invite all of our customers to join us for an all-day celebration filled with tons of activities and fun. Bring a friend and experience the best of what our clay community has to offer. Enjoy the one day only BIG SALE on wheels, kilns, clay, glaze, and tools. Scroll down for more information and schedule.

Meet  our Vendor Representatives


Clay Games & Prizes

Throw the tallest cylinder
Stack the highest clay tower
Pull the longest handle with a friend
Build the wildest clay helmet
Throw the nicest pot while blindfolded
Shot-put a chunk of clay for distance and accuracy

Winners of each competition will take home a prize!

Ceramic Artist Demonstrations

Andy Ruble will throw big and tall forms on the potters wheel.
Paul Rubio will demonstrate his clay carving of thrown forms.
Carol Wedemeyer will demonstrate her whimsical handbuilt technique.
Rocky Lewycky will show his marbled and carved colored clays.
Jeff from Amaco will demonstrate glazing techniques.
Lynn Wood will show how to make textured slab built functional ware.
Joe Agu will show techniques used to make ceramic percussion instruments.

Kids Clay Play Table

Kids can have fun creating anything they can imagine at our kids clay tables.
Take home what you make! Build an animal, a self portrait, or anything you can think of. All clay is non-toxic and safe for kids of any age.

Local Student Art Show

See the best ceramic art our local high schools have to offer. The best work in show will be judged and prizes awarded. Many thanks to participating high school students & their awesome instructors. 

Los Gatos High School
Homestead High School
Gunn High School
Santa Clara High School
San Benito High School
Wilcox High School
Washington High School

Meet local studios

Ever thought of taking a ceramics class? Want to learn how to sculpt, or throw pottery on the wheel?
We will have local studios represented at our open house for you to meet and find out more information. There will be work on display from studio members, and you might even be able to sign up for a class right there! 

Studios who will attend include:

Blossom Hill Crafts
Higher Fire Clay Studio
Black Bean Ceramic Art Center
The Clayground

Food and refreshments will be available all day long. 

Learn More About Our Guest Artists

Rocky Lewycky is an artist living and working in Santa Cruz CA, His is also currently the professor of Ceramic Art at Deanza College. His website is Rocky will be demonstrating a marbling and wood knot technique using colored clays.

Carol Wedemeyer is a San Francisco artist known for her abstract organic hand built work. Her website is Carol will demonstrate some of her coil building techniques. Enjoy viewing her work while at the Open House!

Andy Ruble is another Santa Cruz Artist, who is currently the professor of ceramics at Foothill College. Known for his "Structural" work, Andy is also one incredible talented potter. He will demonstrate throwing tall and round pots on the wheel. Visit his website at

Lynn Wood is an artist who specializes in functional slab built ware with beautiful and intricate textures. See more of her work at Lynn will be demonstration her textured slab technique using her rubber texture mat products. A can't miss!

Joe Agu is a musician, clay artist and designer originally from West Africa. He is the creator of many clay instruments including his signature Udu Drums. Joe will demonstrate how to make and play your own ceramic clay drums! Visit his website at  And on Youtube!

Paul Rubio is a Yaqui native american artist from San Jose California. He is currently an artist in residence at Blossom Hill Crafts in Los Gatos.
An amazing potter with beautiful animal forms carved or built into his work, paul will demonstrate how he does intricate carvings in his beautifully thrown work. See more at

Games Will Be Played!

The following games will be played for instant fame & prizes! Here are the rules..

Tallest cylinder thrown
10 participants will throw the tallest cylinder they can in 5 minutes using 8 pounds of clay. This includes centering time..
All Cylinders must be a minimum of 5 inches wide, and as tall as you can pull them. One winner will be crowned!

Coed Handle Pull
Teams of two people, 1 guy 1 girl will attempt to pull the longest handle possible in one piece. 5 pounds of clay will be used.
You will have 5 minutes to pull as long a handle you can without cracking yourself or the clay up..

Tallest Hand Built Tower
Teams of 2-3 people will have a half bag of clay to hand built, pinch, coil, slab stack the tallest tower of clay they can.
Towers must be transported to the measuring table before the end of the time limit of 5 minutes... tick tock tick tock, don't let it fall over!

Clay Shot Put
Are you the worlds most athletic clay artist? Prove it.. 10 pound balls of clay will be chucked for distance and accuracy.
Land closest to the target and win!

Wildest Clay Helmet
Teams of up to 4 people will build a clay helmet on one participants head to be modeled for the crowds appreciation.
Get as big and as wild as you can. Build a viking helmet, a Mohawk, a spiked ball head, or a shark fin helmet!
Get crazy! Applause will pick the winner!

Blindfolded Pot Throw
Who can throw the coolest pot blindfolded? Let's see if you can! You'll have 10 minutes to center, throw, and shape a piece of clay. 
Winner chosen by applause!! 10 participants max.


TIME Artist Demos in Demonstration area Games In Booth Demonstrations
10AM     Shimpo
10:45 Rocky Lewicky - Mixed clays and textures    Amaco
11:30   11:35
Tallest pot
co-ed handle pull
12:15   12:20 Handbuilt clay tower
12:40 clay helmets
Peter Pugger
1:00   1:05 blindfolded throwing
clay shotput
Afro Rhythms
1:45 Andy Ruble-
Tall thrown forms
2:30 Carol Wedemeyer- Hand built vessels    
3:45 Paul Rubio - carving thrown forms    
4:30 Lynn Wood - Textured Slab Mats    
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