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VentMaster Kiln Vent System by Orton

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Price: $680.00
Manufacturer: VentMaster
Part No: VentMaster
The Orton VentMaster Motor can be mounted on the floor or wall.
Able to vent two kilns simultaneously, or a kiln larger than 12 cubic ft. with the addition of an expansion kit.

Orton VentMaster System includes:
• Motor and blower housing
• 3 foot high-temperture hose
• Collector cup
• Hose clamps
• Installation Instructions
• Sample cones included for test firing

Motor Specs:
115 Volt, 60 Hz, 1.1 amp household current, 73 CFM, CE Certified /ETL listed.
Downdraft venting systems are considered better than hoods because they improve firing conditions in the kiln while removing essentially all fumes from the kiln room. VentMaster is capable of venting two kilns at once1 and is easy to install. The motor / blower is built from a non-corrosive, lightweight plastic that allows you keep it on the floor, or mount VentMaster to the wall.
During operation, the KilnVent system keeps the kiln under a slight negative pressure. This pulls the fumes out of the kiln and pulls in a small amount of fresh air. Firing times are essentially the same. The fumes are exhausted directly into a duct system and removed from the kiln room. Improved air flow in the kiln results in more uniform temperatures, reducing hot and cold spots.
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