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Pacifica GT-400 Potter's Wheel - FREE SHIPPING!

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MSRP: $1,259.50
Price: $1,195.00
You Save: $64.50
Manufacturer: Laguna
Part No: GT-400
free shipping

Pacifica GT-400 Potter's Wheel


FREE SHIPPING TO 48 US states (does not include Alaska or Hawaii)
PACIFICA Potter's Wheels have been designed, redesigned and continually improved based on comments received from thousands of potters, teachers and technicians. The results of years of listening are the PACIFICA GT400 and the PACIFICA GT800 pottery wheels. Although the GT400 has all the power most potters ever need, the GT800 was developed for professional potters who want a lot of reserve power. It has all the great features of the GT400 with a motor 3 times as strong.

Standard Features

• Quality: There is no part of the PACIFICA where quality has been compromised. From the heavy, 13" machined aluminum throwing head, to the welded steel frame with its durable molded top, and the easy to install, remove and clean splash pan, the PACIFICA gives you long lasting quality every step of the way.

• Quiet and Smooth: Our superior polyurethane belt drive system, two stages of motor vibration isolation, and a large electronic capacitor make the PACIFICA only "whisper" under all working conditions. Its finely tuned control assures smooth rotation at fast, medium and very slow speeds.

• Torque and Power: Four separate polyurethane belts, operating at 12:1 reduction, transmit more torque than you need to throw 80-100 lbs. of clay. The GT 400 develops over 1/2 HP, while the GT 800 develops over 1 HP. More efficient and quieter than a gear drive, the PACIFICA delivers high torque even at slow speeds. PACIFICA's custom designed load sensor increases the drive current in exact proportion to the load on the clay, thereby providing constant speed from 0 to 260 plus RPM. You can even set a separate maximum speed adjustment between 200 and 300 RPM.

• The Magic Pedal: The PACIFICA Magic Pedal incorporates its celebrated, smooth, magnetic action in a solid, stable aluminum housing which eliminates pedal flex and provides the perfect fulcrum point for long hours of comfortable throwing. You can even buy the Magic Pedal and an updated control box for an older PACIFICA wheel.

• 2 Piece, Vacuum Formed, Durable Splash Pan

• Reversing: Control mounted built-in reversing.

• Circuit Breaker: Push botton instead of inconvenient fuses.

• Large, Stable Table: PACIFICA's large table gives you a great work area over wide-spaced, sturdy steel legs which create an untippable unit. Equally important is that it maximizes your work space without adding unnecessary materials and weight to your wheel - important when considering shipping costs and the moving of your wheel.

• Sturdy Steel: PACIFICA's steel frame is engineered to give maximum strength and rigidity without adding unnecessary weight. The steel legs are 2 inch in diameter with protective plastic feet. When welded to the frame and bolted to the heavy duty, one-piece, vacuum formed, laminated table top, the PACIFICA may not be indestructible, but it's close.

• The Seat (optional): By popular demand, we developed a solid, comfortable and adjustable, padded seat that will allow you to throw for hours on end. With its padded, formed steel back, the seat easily mounts onto the leg of your PACIFICA wheel with large grip knobs for easy adjustments.

• Optional Leg Extensions: Two optional leg extensions increase the versatility of the PACIFICA, adding up to 10"(Extension A) or 23" for stand-up throwing (Extension B) to the height of the wheel.

• Easy Repair: Although you should expect years of trouble free enjoyment and service from your PACIFICA wheel, we have designed it so repairs will be easy and inexpensive. The modular construction allows for easy replacement of a part - whether it be the motor, a belt, or the electrical control box.

• Priced Right: Every aspect of the GT 400 and the GT 800 has been designed with quality and value in mind and both are priced lower than the competition. They have been designed so that they may be shipped UPS instead of common carrier, saving you both time and money.

• Guarantee: Pacifca tests each wheel extensively in the factory before shipping it so that they have no reservation about giving you a 5 Year Limited Warranty against defects in workmanship and parts.

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