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Potters of Japan - Another look at the timeless art of nine families

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Potters of Japan, Another look at the timeless art of nine families,
By Bill Geisinger
Building upon A study of nine families; (from 2005 through 2007) from the original documentary film “Potters of Japan” in 1968 by Richard and Marj Peeler. This book is an introduction to studio pottery in Japan today, as was the Peeler documentary in 1968.
The Kondo, Shimaoka, Ichino, Kaneshige, Mori, Kato, Fujiwara, Waraku and Takahashi family names are synonymous with Japanese pottery. Each produces ceramic work that is respected and admired by thousands of Japanese and individuals throughout the world. This book is a review of each family since the original film and essentially a study of contemporary Japanese Ceramics from 1968 to the present. There are as many similarities as differences among this group of potters. Tradition is pivotal here; family name, prestige, artistic and technical secrets are passed from generation to generation, each family developing their own expression and unique qualities.
Today Japan’s studio pottery has grown and there are many more people working and expanding the traditions of the original six old kilns (rokkouyo).
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