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Raku Firing in action!Raku Saturdays

We will be holding raku firings:



  • Start time is 2:30 PM

  • Cost is $50 for 1 Cu. Ft. of kiln space.

  • Bring up to 4 pieces.

  • Additional space available at $20/Ft. 

  • Price includes:

    •  Firing of all pieces.

    •  Instruction on kiln use and what to look for when firing.

    • Use of safety gloves, tongs, tools & equipment.

    • Glaze you ware with choice of 8+ different Clay Planet raku glazes. Some Laguna raku glazes are available for purchase, as well as many low-fire glazes you can try out.

    • Use of  brushes, sponges, reduction barrels and materials.

Just bring your bisque! Classes start at 2:30 PM on the dates above. If you have much detailed work to glaze, please call to arrange to come early to start your glazing. To avoid problems with cracking or poor results, do not use a porcelain/grogless clay. Do not bring a heavy iron/red clay. Do not use low-fire clay with crackle glazes as they do not perform well in Raku. Recommended clays are Sculpture-Raku, Orion Stout, Soldate-60, Sculpture-Mix, Sculpture-412.

Email us at , or call us locally at 408-295-3352, or 1-800-443-CLAY(2529) to sign up and reserve your spot today!

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