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Silicon Bronze Ingots- Everdur C873

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Price: $134.00
Manufacturer: CMX
Part No: Everdur C873

Silicon Bronze Ingots 

Each ingot varies a little in weight and size. They average approximately 15 lbs./ingot (will refund any cost if ingots weigh slightly less than ~ 15 pounds).

If you order multiple ingots we will try to fill the total weight of ingots since they can vary greatly. Some may be lighter, others heavier than 15 lbs.

873 Alpha Everdur Ingots are shot blasted to be free of surface impurities for a clean, fast melt and pour.  To insure consistency, quality, and purity, ingots are produced in electric induction furnaces. Each heat is fully controlled. Finished ingots are hand packed and inspected for quality at the foundry. 

These Alpha Art Grade silicon bronze ingots are found in the finest art and investment foundries throughout the United States.
CA# Ingot # Description Nom. Cu Sn Pb Zn Fe Al Si Mn As P
873 500 Everdur 95-1-4 94.0 Min. | 0.09 0.25 0.20 3.5-4.5 .8-1.5 | |
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