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Skutt Cone 10 Digital Pyrometer

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Price: $160.00
Manufacturer: Skutt
Part No: 2783

Skutt Dual Input Digital Handheld Pyrometer with 6" thermocouple assembly - Cone 10!

This pyrometer comes with a Type K thermocouple and thermocouple mounting block, 5 feet of thermocouple wire, and a pyrometer flange for mounting the thermocouple to the kiln.  The pyrometer is protected by a soft plastic shell/case that integrates a flip-out back, so that it can be set on a table or shelf.  

Since it is “Dual Input”, you can purchase an additional thermocouple and monitor two kilns at once, or the same kiln in two locations simultaneously.  It will even display the difference between the two temperatures, and record the minimum and maximum temperatures during a firing. 2 year warranty. Requires  9V  battery (included).  It has a nice quality feel, great features and robust thermocouple design.


Temperature scale selectable ( °F or °C )
Temperature range ( degree F ) up to 2462 - Well over cone 10
Accuracy ( % ) 0.4

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