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Skutt KM-1231-3PK (Production Kiln)

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MSRP: $4,350.00
Price: $3,600.00
You Save: $750.00
Manufacturer: Skutt
Part No: KM-1227-3PK

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Here is the high volume Cone 10 power you’ve been looking for. 11.6 Cubic Ft.

Finally, an electric kiln line designed specifically for volume production and fast turnaround of high mass loads. It has the power and industrial components to go straight to Cone 10 with a full load of tile or stoneware – no slow struggling to reach the final temperature. The standard KilnMaster controller gives you the options of Cone Firing, or selecting your own 8-segment Ramp/Hold firing programs. The combination of direct wiring, heavy duty elements, connectors and relays, plus traditional Skutt stainless steel and firebrick construction results in a kiln that will last for years of constant use. Among the most powerful on the market today, the line was designed at the request of Skutt customers.

Standard Features
The Skutt KM-1231PK Single Phase kiln include the KilnMaster controller built in. Other standard features include:
2 year limited warranty, elements excluded
Encapsulated Type K thermocouple - Or you can add an optional Type-S thermocouple which has a much longer lifetime than the standard Type-K. Read More abot the type-S below.
Mercury Relays
Industrial gauge wiring
Compression connectors on feeder wires
Larger, swing away, air cooled switch box
Multi-sided design
Stainless steel jacket
Sectionalized construction
Two lift handles on each section
Sealed, dust-free lid with full-floating hinge
Three types of exposed, pinned elements for optimum balance
Reversible top and bottom slabs
Stand included
Peep plugs

UL listing  
KM-1227PK-and KM-1231PK Electrical Requirements
KM-1227PK-and KM 12131PK Electrical Requirements
Type S - Thermocouple Upgrade
  • Better for Cone 10 - This thermocouple can hold up to the high demands of High Fire applications firing after firing.
  • Accuracy - Type S wire is the most accurate thermocouple wire available.
  • Responsive - The low mass ceramic protection tube insures that this thermocouple remains responsive.
  • Long Life - This thermocouple does not degrade and will virtually last forever if not broken.
  • No Drifting - Since this thermocouple does not degrade it will not drift. ealed tube - Protects probe from kiln atmosphere.
  • Recommended Applications - High Fire ceramics and applications where high precision is critical.

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