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Skutt KM-822-3

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MSRP: $3,100.00
Price: $2,649.00
You Save: $451.00
Manufacturer: Skutt
Part No: KM-822-3

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SKUTT KM-822-3 & KMT-822-3
The Perfect Small Studio Kiln – Easy to Load           

Part of the New 22” Series, the KM822-3 offers 4.5” more height then the KM818. This doesn’t sound like much until you need to add another shelf or want to fire a taller pot or sculpture. Fire a 18” tall piece with all the proper clearances. The 22” height coupled with its Cone 10 capability and small space requirements make it a perfect kiln for the home studio. It comes equipped with the precise control of the KilnMaster Controller making it easy and convenient to operate.

Approximately 16.5 in. in diameter and 22 in. high: 2.9 cubic foot chamber capacity.

Upgrade to the NEW KMT-1018 with Touchscreen controller that is wifi connected and comes with a bunch of new features!
Touchscreen Product information

Electrical Requirements
240 Volts - Singe Phase - 33.4 Amps - 8000 Watts                
208 Volts - Single Phase - 38.4 Amps - 8000 Watts                
Copper Wire Size: 8                
Breaker Size:       50                
NEMA Receptacle Configuration: 6-50
Max Firing Cone: 10 (2350 F)

Platinum Type-S Thermocouples are available installed on your kiln for a much longer lasting life than a type K. No fine particle dusting off. High accuracy. 

APM Elements offer a much longer lifetime when firing higher temps from cone 6 to 10 on a regular basis. The elements are less likely to collapse and degrade.

Rolling kiln stands are constructed out of heavy duty, welded square tubing and fitted with high quality, locking polypropylene castors. Polypropylene wheels roll smoothly across the floor. They provide the recommended clearances from the kiln to the floor.

 Packed with the kiln you will find the following items: 

● Kiln Stand   
● Instructional Video   
● Operating Manual   
● Stand Feet   
● Extra Thermocouple (unless Type S)   
● Warranty Card   
● Peep Plugs - attached to the kiln stand, enough to fill each peephole on your particular model.

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