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Skutt Potter's Wheels

  • A whole new look featuring Bold Red color
  • New Responsive foot pedal technology
  • Strongest motor in the industry
  • SSX controller option for Smoother and Quieter operation
  • Solid cast aluminum construction
  • Largest and only 1-piece, Leak Free, splash pan
  • Convenient removeable wheel head
  • Made in the USA
  • Now with a 10 year warranty

Skutt Accessories
Skutt Wheel Accessories - Splash Pans, Shaft & Leg Extensions
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Skutt Classic Potter's Wheel
MSRP: $2,155.00
Price: $1,940.00
You Save: $215.00
Skutt Classic Potter's Wheel
Built in splash pan
Skutt Legend Potter's Wheel
MSRP: $2,290.00
Price: $2,061.00
You Save: $229.00
Skutt Legend Potter's Wheel
Large removable splash pan
Skutt Prodigy Potter's Wheel
MSRP: $1,675.00
Price: $1,510.00
You Save: $165.00
Skutt Prodigy Potter's Wheel
One piece splash pan
Skutt Wheel Replacement Foot Pedal
Price: $370.00
Skutt Wheel Replacement Foot Pedal
Replacement foot pedal for all Skutt Wheels

FYI - All potter's wheels (every brand) are potentially harmful to pacemakers. The person is throwing over something that creates a magnetic field.... especially the VL & RK Whispers which have a direct drive motor under the wheel head. All motors create magnetic fields when in use, and the whisper is magnetic driven.
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