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"Victory Brown" Microcrystalline Wax 11 lb. slab

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Price: $39.95
Manufacturer: clarus
Part No: VictoryBrWax

"Victory Brown" Microcrystalline Sculpting Wax - 11 lb. Slab

Microcrystalline Brown wax is the most common all-purpose wax favored by most sculptors. It is a “microcrystaline” wax, which means it will bend a lot more readily than paraffin, the white wax used for making candles. Unlike paraffin, it also burns out without leaving an ash residue.

Victory Brown type sculpting wax is suitable for hand-modeling if you get it slightly warm, or for casting into molds.Primarily used for direct modeling or pulling waxes for bronze investment casting. Micro-crystalline waxes consist of a matrix of extremely small crystals. They are sometimes referred to as amorphous wax. Their molecular structure consists of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons including normal paraffins, branched paraffins, monocyclic compounds, and polycyclic compounds.

The warm brown color holds detail well and exhibits shadows in the work unlike lighter colored waxes. It is very pliable and clean burning. Melting point is 
165-175°F (74-79°C)

Sold by the 11 pound slab.
Or by the case of 6 slabs.

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