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Dry-Hard & Non-Firing Clay

Air Drying, or Dry-Hard Clays do not require firing in a ceramic kiln to achieve hardness. When left out in the open air the clay begins to firm up in a few hours, and will become hard and strong in a few days. Clay can then be painted as you wish. Do not fire in your kitchen oven, or fire in a kiln. 
WED is a non firing clay, but does not dry hard as the Mexo White.
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Magic Sculpt
Price: $14.95
Magic Sculpt
Two-part epoxy putty - Natural color- Dries hard
Mexo-White (Non-Firing) Dry-Hard Clay
Price: $26.94
Mexo-White (Non-Firing) Dry-Hard Clay
Self-Hardening Clay - 25 lb bag
WED Clay - EM217
Price: $14.83
WED Clay - EM217
WED Clay - Sold by the 25 lb bag
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