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Clay Planet  gives workshops on various ceramic subjects.
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Skutt Kilns
Kiln Operation, Maintenance & Repair
 with Mike Sievers
  Friday October 5th
Mike Sievers from Skutt kilns and Matt Hoogland, the owner of Clay Planet will discuss how to operate, maintain and repair your electric kiln. Mike will show you how to diagnose and repair most kiln problems, like changing a heating element, relay, and how to use the diagnostic software found on newer Skutt Kilns. They will cover programming your kiln for different uses, and proper ways to load and care for your kiln. Matt will provide advice on common issues he has seen while on one of his hundreds of kiln repairs.
Mike will also discuss their new KilnLink Monitoring System which allows you to check the status of your kiln from anywhere you have internet access, Even on your smart phone!
 Come by and enjoy this free seminar.
WORKSHOP COST - FREE!                                       Hosted at Clay Planet

1775 Russell Avenue, Santa Clara CA

CALL 1-800-443-2529 or 408-295-3352 for more information.


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