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  • Choose from low-fire (cone 06-1), mid-fire (cone 5/6), high-fire (cone 9/10), and non-fired clays. These clay bodies are good for wheel throwing, hand-building, or sculpting. 
  • ALL POTTER'S CLAY IS PRICED BY THE 25 POUND BAG. There are quantity based discounts at 4 bag/100 lbs, 10 bag/250 lbs, 20 bag/500 lbs, 40 bag/1000 lbs, and the best price is by the ton/80+ bags (2000 lbs). 
  • If you wish to purchase larger quantities or by the ton, please call for freight quotation (you can mix and match clays to equal an 80 bag ton). 
  • Clay is HEAVY, and therefore expensive to ship. If you are purchasing 10 or less bags of clay, we will pack and ship using Post Office Flat Rate Boxes to save you shipping costs if shipped outside California. Inside CA the cost is about the same flat rate vs. UPS Ground. If we can use flat rate shipping and save you $ we will do so and return the difference to your credit card. So choose Ground or USPS Priority mail on checkout, we will do the rest.
*Updated Monday 7/15/2024 at 9:34AM*

Cone 04-06 Ceramic Clays (Low Fire Earthenware)
Cone 04-06 Prepared Clay Bodies (Low Fire Earthenware)
Cone 5/6 Ceramic Clays (Mid-Fire)
Cone 5/6 Prepared Clay Bodies (Mid-Fire)
Cone 10 Ceramic Clays (High-Fire)
Cone 10 High Fire Clay Bodies
Dry-Hard & Non-Firing Clay
Self-Hardening Clay
Paper Clay
Clay with embedded paper fibers for improved green strength
Plasteline (Oil-Based) Clay
Plasteline clays by Chavant, Van Aken, Sculpture House, Roma.
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Empty clay bag with twist tie
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