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Please note: Large equipment is often manufactured to order. Wait times from manufacturers can be anywhere from a few weeks to 6+ months depending on the model, size, and options. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY OR CALL US FOR UP TO DATE INFO BEFORE YOU ORDER IF TIME IS CRITICAL.

If looking for multiple wheels, call us and we'll quote you a special order price for multiple wheels.
Click HERE and fill out contact form with how many and what model wheel you are looking for.
We stock dozens of potter's wheels! We sell wheels by all major US manufacturers. If you are looking for something you cannot find, please call us toll free at 800-443-CLAY, and we'll help you find the wheel you are looking for.
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Brent Potter's Wheels
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Shimpo Potter's Wheels
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Skutt Potter's Wheels
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New Original Paul Soldner Model Potter's Wheels
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Speedball Potter's Wheels
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Potter's Stools
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Foam Trimming Disk
Price: $10.95
Foam Trimming Disk
14 inch self adhesive pad

FYI - All potter's wheels (every brand) are potentially harmful to pacemakers. The person is throwing over something that creates a magnetic field.... especially the VL & RK Whispers which have a direct drive motor under the wheel head. All motors create magnetic fields when in use, and the whisper is magnetic driven.

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