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Armature Wire


An armature provides the internal foundation on which to build your sculpture. Much like our own human skeletal system is the framework which keeps us standing in an upright position, an armature is used to keep the artist's clay from collapsing, while also protecting the integrity of any outward extensions, such as thin limbs or legs. Truly, the most disheartening experience a clay sculptor can have is to create the ideal form, only to have his project fail due to the lack of a sturdy frame.

Armatures also reduce the amount of clay needed to complete a bulky figure, which ultimately makes the figure stronger.

Although it can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood or steel, the (almaloy) aluminum wire armature is the superior choice due to the following features:

  • - - non-corrosive
  • - - lightweight
  • - - fully pliable
  • - - non-staining

All of the following armature wire is non-corrosive and non-staining almaloy, making it the first choice of sculptors worldwide.

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Almaloy Armature Wire - 1/16"
Price: $5.00
Almaloy Armature Wire - 1/16"
Armature Wire - 1/16" by 32'
Almaloy Armature Wire - 1/4" by 10'
Price: $18.00
Almaloy Armature Wire - 1/4" by 10'
Armature Wire - 1/4" by 10'
Almaloy Armature Wire - 1/8"
Price: $7.50
Almaloy Armature Wire - 1/8"
Armature Wire - 1/8" by 20'
Almaloy Armature Wire - 3/16" by 10'
Price: $9.00
Almaloy Armature Wire - 3/16" by 10'
Armature Wire - 3/16" by 10'
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